I don’t say this to you enough.

I have a friend. 

She’s beautiful. 

And she’s smart. 

And she’s talented.

And she’s so nice. 

And she’s a great friend. 

And she’s adorable. 

And she doesn’t like to acknowledge it. 

And sometimes i’m like really mean to her. and i feel bad about it after, because she’s awesome. 

But i love her. and i don’t tell her enough. 

She deserves to be happy. 

So i hope that she reads this and it puts a smile on her face. 

Don’t be down, girl. 

Chin up, okay? Enjoy the little things. Trust me. 


You know who you are. 

Dear soul mate,


Love Nicole. 

(omgosh. the top comments. :D so cute. ) 

I’ve decided. 2012 WILL be my year.

This year i won’t let anything stop me. 

This year i will be courageous. 

This year i will get my ass to the gym so i can look as fabulous as my friends. 

This year i will get a great relationship. 

And i won’t settle for anything less than i deserve. 

This year i will make more friends and put myself out there. Fuck you if you don’t like me. :) 

This year i will try new things. 

This year i will have my first kiss. 

This year i will pierce my cartilage. 

This year i will start to believe i might actually be beautiful. 

This just HAS to be my year. Has to. :) 

So here’s to you 2012. Let’s make it great! <3 

- Love Nicole.